Repairing Flood Damage in Brooklyn

Hurricane Sandy and other storms have shown what damage flooding can do to homes and businesses. Repairing Flood Damage in Brooklyn doesn’t have to be stressful. Contact Maspeth Environmental Corp to get the job done right. The effects of flood damage can include structural damages and potential health hazards. You might not be able to see certain damaging biological components such as mold spores. A remediation plan is imperative to avoid further damage and an array of possible health problems. Water remediation starts with the removal of building elements that cannot be salvaged. Then, the salvageable components are dried by using various methods such as water extractors, pumps and more. The moisture content is monitored throughout the process.

Once the moisture levels are properly reduced, the treatment begins. HEPA equipped vacuums are often used to get rid of toxic mold. An EPA cleaner might also be applied. The surfaces are sanitized and scrubbed before they are treated with a coating to prevent the future growth of mold. During the process, your building will be ventilated. No chemicals without EPA approval are used during this treatment phase. Once the mold remediation project is done, samples are taken to be tested at a lab. This ensures the air is of proper quality. An independent party is used to avoid any conflict of interest. The environmental company can help you find someone to take the samples and verify the air is safe.

Repairing Flood Damage in Brooklyn means seeking complete remediation solutions for your facility. Water penetration issues must be addressed to avoid future mold. If water continues to leak into your facility, mold is sure to return. Waterproofing systems make it possible to avoid getting any mold in the future. Once remediation is done, waterproofing helps protect your facility from developing toxic mold. The leaks are located, and waterproofing makes your facility functional again after the damage done by a flood. The right process includes removing the mold, correcting the leaks and getting a manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you essential peace of mind that the entire remediation job is completed to your satisfaction.


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