Repair Your Damaged Glass Using Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA

Glass is one of the most ubiquitous building materials in modern construction. It is such a versatile product that it can serve a large variety of purposes besides the typical window. For instance, glass is a common covering on many high rise buildings and it finds several uses as portal enclosures, most commonly in stores or other buildings where it helps the customer see inside the building. Glass is also a wonderful product for modern baths and is often the preferred material for shower enclosures. Unfortunately, glass is also brittle and can break unexpectedly. When this happens it is time for Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA. Visit website for more information.

Replacing damaged glass isn’t quite as simple as swapping panes. There are different types of glass available and which you use will depend on the job at hand. The typical household window uses common plate glass also known as float glass. The term float glass is a result of the manufacturing process where the molten glass is floated over a surface of molten metal. This process gives glass the smooth finish that you are familiar with. Plate glass is somewhat brittle which is why it breaks so quickly leaving you to search for Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA. It is also the least expensive glass available. One variety of float glass is tinted glass where the color of the final product is part of the glass material. This is different from the tinted glass in automobiles where the tinting is a film placed on the glass or sandwiched between the safety layers.

One of the most useful glass products is laminated glass. This type of glass is usually hardened and will have a layer of safety material placed between two or more sheets of glass. In most cases the safety material will be PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) which provides excellent binding properties with optical clarity. Because PVB is tough and flexible it keeps the glass from shattering. This is important for avoiding injuries from shards of glass. Still another common glass is mirrored glass. The typical mirror is used in bedrooms and baths for dressing, makeup and hygiene purposes, but mirrored glass is also an excellent option for decorative purposes. This is because mirrors can make an area look larger than it really is. If you are a home or business owner looking for Glass Replacement in Atlanta GA be sure to consider MG Glass Inc.

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