Remodeling Your Kids Bathroom

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Home Improvement

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Chances are that you live in Scottsdale because it is a great community to raise kids and enjoy suburban Arizona life; there couldn’t be a better place in the state to raise children than in Scottsdale. So when it comes to a bathroom remodel project for your kids, you are going to want to consider renovations that are scalable as well as suited to their present needs. That means a design that can change and grow as your kids change and grow,

Some of the features to consider when hiring a contractor in Scottsdale for a kid’s bathroom remodel project include addressing the issues of functionality. Towel bars and shelves within reach, as well as sink access, are great things to consider. Making room for toys is as important as the unbreakable toothbrush holder, and as your child grows that space can be used for hair dryers, cologne or perfume, make-up kits, shaving accessories and other items that older kids will be likely to use. Designing with the idea that adjustments can be made in the future should also be paramount, since your kids will not be pint-sized forever.

So if you decorate to please a child’s aesthetic, which should be encouraged, make sure you can change it easily at a later date. Your sixteen year old may not be quite as enamored with Elmo or Dora as she was when she was four. Décor can be largely centered on replaceable items like the toothbrush holder, the trash can, shower curtains or wall hangings, rather than more permanent fixtures, such as wallpaper.

Let the kids help out with the design as well, particularly with decoration. Of course, don’t go overboard with a neon red kid’s bathroom that looks like an animated cartoon convention has invaded. Direct your kids in making sensible choices that also appeal to them, such as an Oscar the Grouch trashcan or one or two decals rather than five hundred. You may also want to get really creative and think of a themed bathroom, such as an aquatic submarine or a beach scene. You can use materials that can be changed as the kids grow older, but you shouldn’t feel as though you are limited in regard to décor to well-known commercial characters or cute frogs and rainbow butterflies.

Think about safety too. A large number of accidents happen in the bathroom, and kids are generally careless and often in a hurry. Make the tub as slip resistant as possible, and smaller tile on the floor. The more kid-safe your kid’s bathroom is, the greater value you will add to your Scottsdale bathroom remodel project.

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