Reliable Water Heater Repair In Arlington Heights

When you turn on the shower faucet to take a warm shower before bed and ice cold water comes out, you will not be pleased. If the water heater is in the garage or basement, you may find a large puddle of water waiting for you when you go to investigate the problem. If the hot water heater is in a closet, you may find a mess of a wet rug and wall along with a broken hot water heater. When you need a Water heater repair Arlington Heights, you may not know who to call right away, but it with just a little bit of investigation, you can get a plumber to repair or replace your hot water heater without a problem.

If you’ve used an Air conditioning contractor in the past, he may either work with or know of a plumbing company that can look at the water heater. If he does, hopefully someone can come out quickly to assess your situation and get hot water flowing again for you. Occasionally, if your heater is relatively new, it could be a lose fitting or hose causing the water problem. More uncommon with a new heater, but it could be a thermostat or heating element too. If it’s a newer unit and this is the problem, it’s probably worth repairing. If the unit is older and you’ll have to replace one of these items, it’s probably better to replace the unit as something else could go wrong in the near future, costing you more money again. With an older unit, there is a good chance if it’s leaking, that the tank has rusted on the bottom. This is common with older units and if this is the situation you’re facing, it will need to be replaced.

Remember to get an estimate in writing, if any extensive work is to be done on the unit or it is to be replaced. A new hot water heater should have a warranty. Make sure you have the guarantee in writing, so that you are protected in case of a problem down the road.

Luckily a hot water repair or replacement is fairly common. You should have hot water flowing again only a couple hours after the plumber arrives and a hot relaxing shower should await you that same evening.

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