Reduce Your Water Loss With Water Main Replacement in Springfield, VA

One of the most overlooked locations for leaking water is the main water line into the home. This pipe can fail for several reasons including freezing, cracks in the pipe and corrosion. In most cases the corrosion will be at joins in the pipe or fittings such as ninety or forty five degree angle connections. Corrosion is often caused by aging pipe or faulty galvanizing requiring immediate Water Main Replacement in Springfield, VA.

Of course, not all water mains are made from galvanized pipe. Many homes use PVC pipe for all or most of their plumbing requirements. PVC provides a durable plumbing medium, but after years of service the pipe can become brittle. It can also develop tiny cracks from routinely freezing temperatures. These small cracks could be the cause of a lot of water loss and increasing expenses on your monthly water bill.

Water Main Replacement in Springfield, VA can be an extensive job. These primary water lines are usually buried in the soil. They can also be run under concrete driveways and walkways making access difficult. When it’s time for replacement your plumber may decide to simply ignore the old pipe and lay down a new one in a fresh trench. This replacement will require the water to be turned off at the water main so the plumber can make the primary connection.

Typically, the water main is a single primary line that runs from the municipal water supply. The city, county or water authority normally maintains everything on the other side of the primary connection leaving you to take care of everything else, including the water main running to the house. Once the line reaches the home it will branch into a cold water line and another that runs to the hot water heater.

Determining if your water main is the cause of your leak may be difficult. Once you know you are losing water somewhere you will want to check all the pipes, but the water mains are usually underground making access difficult. In some cases you will see water pooling in the yard around the break in the line or in the ditch at the connection. However, in other cases the leak may be difficult to locate requiring companies like All Plumbing Inc. to use other methods such as ground penetrating radar to locate source of water loss.


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