Reasons You Need a Psychotherapist in Illinois

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Health

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Everyone has problems, but there are certain times during which the problems become so overwhelming you cannot resolve them on your own. If you wonder if your issues are a normal part of daily living or if they are something worse that requires professional help, you are not alone. A majority of Americans suffer from a form of depression or anxiety at one point in their lives. Understanding when you need to seek help from a psychotherapist in Illinois is the most important factor in proper healing.


Everyone gets sad, but when the sadness doesn’t go away and affects you on a daily basis, help might be needed. There are a variety of signs that point to depression, including isolating yourself from friends and family, avoiding social interactions, being unable to get out of bed and the inability to complete normal daily routines. If you have tried getting help from your friends and family or don’t have support and feel completely alone, it is time to call a professional for help.


Worry is something everyone feels at one point or another, but when the worrying gets exaggerated with no real justification, it is more than normal worrying. People who suffer from anxiety always think and expect the worst to happen during any event in their lives. The worries are usually much more complex than everyday problems that most people suffer from and affect their life tremendously. A psychotherapist in Illinois can help you readjust your way of thinking and learn to live your life worry free.

Eating Disorders

Depression and anxiety can often accompany eating disorders, or they can be present on their own. There are a variety of disorders you can suffer from that encompass starving yourself or overeating to an extreme. A person could also suffer from extreme emotional eating, trying to bury their sad, anxious or angry feelings by binge eating.

If you suffer from any mental illnesses or disturbances that last for more than a few weeks and don’t get better with proper support, it is time to find a best psychotherapist in Illinois. There is no reason to feel ashamed or upset at the fact you need help. The most important factor is finding the person who will help you learn to live your life without pain and suffering. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression or an eating disorder, a licensed professional can help you change your way of thinking and habits to feel better and return to your normal life.

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