Reasons to Make the Change to a High Efficiency Furnace

Even in warm climates, most homeowners find that they need to use a furnace from time to time, and in regions, the furnace is on more than it’s turned off. In the past many people seldom gave their furnace a second thought, at least not until it stopped working properly. Those days have passed. Today, people spend a great deal of time thinking about how their heating their home and wondering if there’s a better way. Many of the homeowners wonder if they should switch their old unit with a high efficiency model.

If you find yourself in this quandary, the answer is yes. You will benefit from a high efficiency furnace Birmingham NY. There are several reasons why you want to replace your mid-efficiency model sooner rather than later.

High efficiency furnaces are pretty much exactly what they sound like, though some people don’t fully understand how huge an improvement they can be over other models. The models currently on the market have been designed to convert 85% of the fuel intake into heat, meaning only 15% is lost in exhaust. Compared to other options, that’s a very impressive conversion rate.

Individuals who routinely find themselves facing a high natural gas bill generally have a furnace which has to work very hard in order to keep the entire home warm. The higher efficiency models have been designed to heat the same amount of space while using less fuel. It doesn’t take very long for the decreased size of the natural gas bill to more than make up for the somewhat higher price tag attached to the model. Many people have even found the lower gas bills to justify taking out a home equity mortgage to help cover the purchase price. Many homeowners have also noticed the new heating system is also a great deal quieter than their previous setup.

Lower utility bills won’t be the only financial advantage you’ll experience after you’ve had the high efficiency furnace installed in your home. The manufactures have put a great deal of effort into making sure they have created the best product possible. The makes and models on the market have been designed to be both fuel efficient and durable. Not only do they experience fewer break downs, but they will also require less maintenance than your current heating system.

The nice thing about making the change to a high efficiency furnace Birmingham NY is that you’re not just creating a warmer and more comfortable living environment for yourself, but you’re also doing something good for the environment. The Climate Change Central, an organization focused on promoting and studying the changing climate, estimate changing to the higher efficiency models has the ability prevent the production of 1.4 tons of greenhouse emissions.

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