Reasons to have your area rugs made from Broadloom

When you are thinking of buying area rugs in Charlotte you are not limited to the rugs that are on display. Of course if you are looking for an Oriental rug or Persian rug you are tied to the available selection but if this is not the case then you may be wise to have the rug made from broadloom.


In most cases it is less expensive to have rugs in Charlotte made from a section of broadloom than it is buying a pre-made rug. A decent quality 9’x12’ pre-made rug will cost approximately $1,000. Broadloom is normally produced in 12’ widths and a good quality broadloom sells from about $2.50 per square foot. A 9’x12’ rug is 108 square feet. At $2.50 per square foot this amounts to $270. This is not all you will have to pay, the carpet will have to have the edges finished which can be binding or even adding a fringe. At most the edge finishing will cost $150 which means you end up paying $420 rather than $1,000; quite a significant saving.

Size and shape:

Pre-made rugs are woven in standard sizes, if your room is not compatible with the rug you want in the size you need, you are in trouble. When you decide to have your rugs in Charlotte custom made you can have them any size and any shape you want. Although most broadloom is 12’ wide, it is no problem for the dealer to join sections to make a wider rug. If the pile on the rug you choose is plush the seam will barely be visible.

If the room or the area where the carpet will go is irregular in shape, you can have the custom rug made to suit. Carpet dealers either have in-house installers or they work with a reliable contractor, these people can prepare the carpet to any shape using a template that you have made or by talking measurements in your home.


There seems to be a never ending selection of Broadloom, the carpet is made in hundreds of colors and patterns. The majority of pre-made rugs are patterned and perhaps this is not what you want or you are looking for a more subtle pattern than is normally found with Oriental rugs.

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