Reasons to go for Casement Replacement in St Paul

Most American homes feature double-hung windows, with the upper and lower sashes sliding up and down past each other in one frame. However, any homeowner planning on replacing their windows should consider Casement Replacement in St Paul. Sadly, casement windows do not get enough respect despite their numerous advantages, especially their energy-efficient style.

Casement Window Defined

Casements are installed on side-mounted hinges, swinging open and shut vertically by means of the rotation of an internal crank. The crank also acts a lock mechanism that allows the window to stay airtight and avoid air infiltration. As a result, casement windows are, arguably, one of the most energy-efficient window types.

Suitability of Casement Replacement

Casements are not suitable for every room in the home. For instance, double-hung windows are often better suited to bathrooms, where they can be opened from the top while still maintaining privacy. Moreover, casements are not ideal adjacent to porches, patios, or any location where they would create a risk for passersby.

Casement Replacement in St Paul is a suitable choice for above counters and cabinets. Therefore, they are a fantastic addition to kitchen spaces where homeowners can easily turn the crank and open the window fully wide or a little bit without necessarily having to stretch and get to the window itself.

Casements provide an entirely open window, which may be a key advantage when a person depends on cross ventilation for cooling their home. By opening a casement window, the whole window swings open compared to double hung windows where the upper half or the lower half opens, but not both. For homeowners who consider the size of the window opening an important aspect, casements fit the bill.

In terms of security, casements provide better security since they are practically impossible to break into. They have hook-shaped locks that are fixed to the window frame, making them virtually invulnerable.

Visit for a wide range of window types including casements. One guarantee is that casements will help cut back on a household’s heating expenses because of their ability to stop air infiltration which, in turn, puts less pressure on the air conditioning unit. Indeed, they are a fantastic asset when a homeowner needs to save heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

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