Reasons to Consider a Teeth White Fillings Service in New York

If your tooth hurts, you may have some minor decay that should be fixed as soon as possible. Every dentist can fill the tooth with appropriate material so that it doesn’t get access to air, food particles, or bacteria. They’ve got many options available, but you may want to consider a teeth white fillings service in New York, as it will match the color of the surrounding digits.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Have you ever noticed older adults, such as a mom or brother, who seem to have black stuff coming from a tooth? Most dentists in the past used amalgam because it was inexpensive and one of the best products available at the time. However, when it is exposed to air, it turns black, which means you’ve got a blackness on the tooth that can never be whitened or cleaned away.

With a teeth white fillings service in New York, they use a tooth-colored material to fill the decayed tooth. It will never change color, though it may stain as a regular tooth can. It can be cleaned and whitened, just like traditional teeth, so you never have to worry that it will darken or otherwise look different.

No Sensitivity

Amalgam is a metal, which is a heat conductor, as well. Therefore, if you choose that material for the filling, your tooth may become sensitive to heat or cold, which means anytime you have a hot meal or a coffee, you may experience slight pain or discomfort. Most people don’t want that aggravation, so they choose tooth-colored material for the filling.


Amalgam contains mercury, and while most studies show that it isn’t enough to cause illness or problems, most people don’t want to take the change. Plus, if you accidentally swallow the filling, you could get mercury poisoning, as well.

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