Reasons to Choose an Animal Hospital When You Need a Veterinarian in Tucson, AZ

Adding a pet to your family brings fun, companionship, and the responsibility for their care. However, animal care is simplified when you use a Veterinarian in Tucson, AZ who is associated with a pet hospital. Facilities such as INA Road Animal Hospital can offer you a wide range of advantages that are important to your pet’s health and well being. These include:

  • EMERGENCY SERVICES: INA Road Animal Hospital makes sure that you always have access to a Veterinarian in Tucson, AZ. When your pet is sick or injured and you call the hospital, staff members will provide as much information as possible over the phone, and give you directions about how to safely transport them. A vet will see your pet immediately, and offer a diagnoses. They may suggest tests, and will advise whether emergency surgery or other procedures are necessary. They will also explain your costs and options.
  • PUPPY AND KITTEN PLANS: Like any new baby, a young dog or cat needs specialized care in order to thrive. Animal hospitals can provide carefully-designed plans designed for your animal. These include scheduled exams, vaccinations, nail trims, medications, and spay/neuter services. Vets will also microchip you pets, so that they can be identified and returned to you if lost.
  • DENTISTRY: Animals can develop gum disease that results in bad breath, tooth loss, pain, and trouble eating. That is why veterinary hospitals offer pet dental procedures. These may include exams, cleaning, extractions, and instructions on how to care for pet teeth. Vets will also explain why they need to anesthetize animals when their teeth are cleaned.
  • AWARENESS: Every area of the country has unique dangers to pets, but Arizona’s desert has unique problems that animal owners should be aware of. The staff at an animal hospital will explain problems that include local snakes, toads, bugs, fungi, cactus, and heat. They can teach you what to do if your pet is exposed to these dangers, and how to keep them safe.

When you need a vet, it is a good idea to use one who is associated with a full-service veterinary hospital. Among many other services, these facilities offer emergency care, well-pet plans, dentistry services, and educational information that teaches you how to keep your pet safe. Click here To know more about Ina Road Animal Hospital

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