Reasons For STD Testing in Anderson OH

With sexual relationships becoming increasingly casual, the risk of contracting a venereal disease, also called a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is increased. Some STDs are obvious. The symptoms show up right away (such as with gonorrhea) and can easily be treated with penicillin. Other sexual diseases are not quite as obvious and cannot be readily treated. Some of them are quite fatal, in fact. This thought scares a lot of people, and they won’t go to be tested. However, for your health’s sake and the health of those with whom you are in sexual contact, it is imperative that you get tested for STDs, most especially if you have multiple partners. An urgent care facility does STD Testing in Anderson OH. Here are some reasons you may want to be diligent about getting testing for STDs on a regular basis.

* If an STD shows up and you haven’t been tested, you are likely to spread the contagion to other partners. If they are active with other partners, as well, they may spread it to someone else, and so the cycle goes on. If you do not get tested for an STD and you are regularly participating in sexual activities, unprotected or otherwise, you are being irresponsible.

* You may decide you want to have children. An unchecked STD could lead to infertility. For the sake of having children some day, you want to take care of any sexual issues as soon as possible.

* People who have STDs run a greater risk of also being infected with HIV. There has been strong evidence supporting that people with STDs are likely to acquire and/or transmit HIV.

* Because some STDs can leave some grave, crippling injuries (such as syphilis) or even lead to death (AIDS), failure to get tested is like playing Russian Roulette.

At Eastside Urgent Care in Cincinnati and Anderson, Ohio, you can go in for convenient and relatively inexpensive health care, including getting tested for STDs. They will treat also for other medical needs such as family medical needs, childhood injuries, workers’ compensation-based injuries and others.

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