Questions to Ask to Increase Sales Potential

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Education

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17883699Have you ever found yourself in a sales closing situation that is stalled? Where you have a prospect who is not objecting, but they are also not going in the direction you want? If you have, then you may find that you need to re-open the close, so that you are able to get the potential customer talking. This will allow you to determine exactly what is on their mind and which way they are leaning.

This is even more important if you are not sure how you should respond to an objection from your prospect, or the way that a client feels regarding a specific feature or point that you have brought up. When you are facing these situations, in many cases all you will have to do is ask some questions, which will let you know the direction that your prospect should go.

One way to learn about these questions is by enlisting the services of Chicago Sales Training Speakers to talk with your sales team. A general overview of these closing questions are highlighted here.

* I can tell that this is important to you; why?

* I know you have gotten a lot of information, what do you think thus far?

* I understand you want to (insert stall) but what do you think so far?

* Do I have this correct? (restate what the prospect has said), right? What would we need
to change to make this work for you?

* Do I have that information correct?

* What else should I understand to know how this will affect your operation?

* Can you provide me with more details?

* What is your current prospective on this?

* Why do you feel this way; just out of curiosity?

The fact is that there are numerous questions that can help to re-open your lead and make them more likely to convert. If you are unsure how to properly use these questions, or how they apply to your sales techniques, then enlisting in sales training, for you as well as your entire team is essential.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways to convince a person that they should buy. Being savvy and professional is key. With the information here, along with professional sales training, you can begin to close more sales than ever before, which can lead to an increase in profits and revenue.

Do you need Chicago Sales Training Speakers for your sales team? If so, visit The Sales Coaching Institute for more information.

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