Questions To Ask Over The Road Trucking Companies

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Transportation

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Working as a trucker is a great way to make a living and allows drivers to see a wide variety of country or to narrow their driving choices down to more local routes. For those that like the open road there are lots of opportunities and finding the best over the road trucking companies is always a priority.

Unfortunately, not all trucking companies are good employers. Some companies, both large and small, have bad reputations with drivers for being unfair, not paying drivers for actual miles traveled, or for not honoring commitments for time at home and vacation time.

For any driver looking for work with over the road trucking companies, doing your research on the company, talking to other drivers, and ensuring you ask the right questions at the interview can help you to avoid the bad companies and focus in on the good.

Pay Rate

It is essential to know the company’s pay rate and how it is determined. The best companies will always pay experienced, safe drivers at a higher pay rate than new drivers. The pay rate will include the mileage rate, check if is loaded or both loaded and unloaded, and also check for any other pay for specific types of deliveries, loads or other particulars based on the types of loads you will haul.

Another question to ask about pay is how mileage is calculated by the company. There is an HHG or a household goods mile calculation, which is the shortest mileage between points, regardless of the actual route. The other is the practical miles, which is the best way for the trucker to drive and the true measure of the actual mileage.

Trucks and Safety

If you are hiring on as a driver and not an owner/operator, you need to ask about the trucks. Don’t assume the truck on the ad or the brochure is typical of the trucks in the fleet. The average age of the trucks in the fleet will be important as trucks that are older tend to break down and need repairs, which is time you aren’t making money.

The safety ratings of over the road trucking companies are also critical. A trucking company with a poor safety rating shows poor management skills and poor hiring choices, something which needs to be carefully considered.

Finally, do some research online on the various trucking forums. You will find posts and information from truckers who have worked for the company. While everyone’s experience will be different, look for companies with more positive comments than negative as these are the best places to work.

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