Questions to Ask of Potential Commercial Property Management Groups

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Real Estate

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With numerous companies claiming to specialize in commercial property management, Layton property owners should do their homework before selecting the firm that will handle the management of their commercial property. Commercial properties require creative, determined groups of managers who have an understanding not just of property management but of business real estate specifically. Commercial tenants have unique needs best met by those who specialize in the field of commercial real estate.  Below are some things to look for when deciding on the group that will manage your commercial property.

Do their credentials match?
Since commercial property management is a specialized field, be sure the firm you choose has proven expertise in the type of property you own. For example, such a property can be an office building, a medical facility, a retail venue, or a myriad of other types of commercial venues. Make sure your rental manager has experience showing and renting the type of commercial property you own as well as with dealing with the building management and tenants involved with such a property.

Are they insured?
As with any property, problems can arise, and it is imperative to make sure your rental management firm has the proper insurance to handle such issues. Commercial real estate requires different insurance than private residences, so be sure the group you are considering holds the proper coverage for your property.

What services can be expected?
A commercial management company can handle a wide variety of property management services, depending on the size and capability of the individual company. Real estate managers handle tasks such as rent collection, lease negotiation, financial reporting, and marketing programs. Prior to signing an agreement with a rental manager, be aware of the services you would like your management firm to provide and make sure they are listed in the contract.

What is their reputation?
One should never be afraid to ask the property managers they are considering for a current list of clients and references. Taking the time to call a rental management firm’s current clients can be a true insight into whether or not they are capable of handling a commercial property such as yours.

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