Pursuing Benefits You Paid Into After Suffering a Disability

When you started your career, you never anticipated getting hurt. However, after working so many years on the job, you may have suffered an injury that prevented you from keeping your position and earning an income.

Rather than live without money that you need to support yourself and your family, you may want to apply for and receive benefits that you have paid into since you started working. By looking into hiring local Social Security lawyers in Missouri, applicants could shorten the process and start receiving benefits quickly.

Presenting Evidence in Court

When you retain the services of Social Security lawyers in Missouri, you can navigate the application process faster and easier. While you have the right to represent yourself during the proceedings, you may not know what kind of evidence the court requires from applicants like you. You also may not know how to make an eloquent argument to convince a judge to decide in your favor.

When you have an attorney on your side during the case, you can be advised on what medical examinations to undergo and what evidence to gather from healthcare professionals. All of your information can be carefully gathered and kept secure in a file that can be presented to the judge.

Getting a Fast and Favorable Decision

An experienced lawyer likewise could ensure you get your favorable decision after the first time you appear in court. Without a lawyer to represent you, you may have to appeal your case several times before you are awarded benefits. The entire process could take upwards of five years to complete.

You can start the application process for Social Security disability benefits by hiring a skilled lawyer to represent you. You can find out how much the attorney costs and at what point you will pay him or her by visiting the Grundy Disability Group at GrundyDisabilityGroup.com.

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