Protecting Rights with an Intellectual Property Attorney from Atlanta

by | Aug 23, 2011 | Legal Advice

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Intellectual property rights lies exclusively with the person who has made such an original creation. In places like Atlanta, such laws are rigidly looked into. With a very active theatre and arts district, new scripts and works of literature come up every day. But like all acts of evil, plagiarism is also no new case in the city of Atlanta. Intellectual property attorney ensure that your rights to your creation exclusive and duly protected. In the court of law, such reports are seen in a very neutral eye.

So which kinds of creations fall under the clause of intellectual property? Let’s check some of the common forms protected by an intellectual property attorney –

Scripts – With a very active theater district, there are plenty of plays and screenplays written. These are commercial scripts which will generate revenue when produced on stage or screen. The priority is to get your attorney to copyright such a work as soon as it is complete before presenting it to anyone. This will make sure that your script reaps you profit before anyone else. Even if you are selling rights for someone to use your script, your attorney must draw up proper paperwork.

Stories – Any kind of short story or novel that you may have written is also included under such intellectual property. The publication industry is worth billions of dollars, and people who write such stories bear rights to earn a large portion of this income. If you have created an original work of literature, you must have it screened and copyrighted as soon as it is completed. Whether you sell it to a local magazine or an international bookseller, an attorney will protect your rights to earning from it.

Poetry – There are many poets’ associations in Atlanta. Intellectual property attorney will also protect your rights against works of poetry if it is copyrighted to your name. This also involves a lot of paperwork and formality unlike what most people think.

If you have an original work of literature, ensure your commercial rights to income from such a creation. People will always try to go over you and plagiarize your creations or make it their own property. Always make sure that you have a good standing copyright on it done from a proper agent in Atlanta.Intellectual property attorney are experienced with such cases of protecting the commercial interests of the creator or writer of the original work.

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