Proper Preparation for Court – A Brief Legal Guide

Preparing for trial is no easy task, either for citizens accused of criminal acts or the legal professionals who represent them. It’s important to be properly prepared, though; otherwise, you face losing in court, which is a lot more stressful! Here are a few of the things legal professionals advise clients to focus on when preparing for trial to ensure proper readiness for when the first day of hearings begins:

Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But

Your attorney can’t help you if you aren’t completely honest with them. Even if some of the facts of your case are less than admirable or something you wish you didn’t have to admit to, no one needs to hear them like your lawyer. With the truth in mind, they can help you prepare properly for court – and avoid nasty, unnecessary surprises later!

Get Your Story Straight

While telling the truth is of the utmost importance in matters of the law, how you tell it is also very important. Talking through your case and your testimony – especially if you will be delivering it before an audience of any kind – with your legal counsel is crucial in making sure you will remember all relevant facts and be as calm as possible in court.

Act It Out

Legal professionals – like Chad Lewin, defense lawyer – are quick to tell clients that the way they carry and present themselves is important. Likewise, the way evidence is presented to the judge or jury is imperative to how they perceive the person on trial. Practice with your attorney. Run through PowerPoint slides. Act out recreations of events several times. Prepare for questions you will undoubtedly be asked on the stand. This way, you will be ready no matter what trial day throws at you – and get the results you’re hoping for, because of it! Follow Criminal Defense Incorporated – Chad Lewin on Twitter for latest updates!

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