Proper Home Foot Care in Kenosha WI Includes Wearing Shoes That Fit Well

The best home Foot Care in Kenosha WI includes the wearing of shoes that fit the feet with precision. Yet people have generally become very lax about choosing properly fitting shoes. Decades ago, retailers selling shoes would sit down with customers and actually determine the foot’s length and width with a measuring device. Now, self-service shoe stores are the norm.

Children’s Shoes

Measuring the feet can be especially important for young children. Their feet change in size relatively quickly, so each time new shoes are needed, the old size may no longer fit. Children are likely to grow out of their shoes before the shoes wear out. As part of proper foot care in Kenosha WI, those children need sneakers and dress shoes that form a comfortable, protective barrier around their feet. Shoes that are too tight can cause pain, while loose shoes can lead to sprained ankles.

Shoes for Older Adults

In addition, as people reach middle age and their senior years, they also may experience changes in foot size. Their arches may lose height, for instance, resulting in longer, flatter and wider feet. They may no longer feel comfortable wearing shoes in a standard size and now must look for their size in a wide version.

The Best Time for Measuring Feet

Another consideration is that feet tend to be a little larger toward the end of the day because of the use they have experienced. It’s best to buy shoes after a day at work or school instead of first thing in the morning.

Potential Problems

When people wear poorly fitting shoes, they may develop problems that should be treated at a clinic such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers. For instance, someone who has been wearing ultra-high heels may develop chronic foot pain and learn that a hairline fracture occurred due to stress.

Additional Considerations

The best shoes for the health of feet have a cushioned heel, a firm sole and flexibility for movement. It’s best to wear materials that allow air circulation and avoid plastic materials that encase the entire foot. Fake leather shoes, for example, often are made from vinyl that does not allow for air flow.

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