Preventing Ingrown Toenails with the Help of a Family Doctor in Starkville MS

Ingrown nails are edges of nails embedded into the finger, causing inflammation and redness around the nail and sometimes even pain. They can also cause an infection. There are some over-the-counter treatments that relieve this issue, but the best way to ensure the problem is fixed is to see your local family doctor in Starkville MS. To avoid this problem it’s essential to know the causes:

* Using tight shoes that squeeze the toes increasing the pressure on them. High heels tend to cause this condition: pointy or closed-toe.

* Sometimes a shoe that is too wide may also promote ingrown toenails.

* Improperly cut nails: leaving rounded edges or cutting them too short.

* Shaving nails instead of cutting them.

* A deformity of the foot or toes.

* Nails having downward curves or ones that are too coarse.

* Injuries to the toes.

The first tip to prevent ingrown toenails involves going to a podiatrist to for a foot checkup, detecting possible deformities, studying the morphology of the nails and asking for a certain kind of shoe to be worn. Your Family Doctor in Starkville MS can tell you what type of shoes you should use and teach you how to properly cut your nails to try to prevent ingrown toenails:

* Shoes: shoes should not push or squeeze your toes together. Avoid the narrow toe, which compresses the toes. You must have enough slack, but without being too broad, especially if it relates to sports shoes or ones used for long walks. Shoes with high heels should be avoided, because the foot slides down and the toes are pressed into the tip of the shoe.

* Keep feet dry and clean.

* Cutting your toenails is the best way to prevent this issue, and it should always be done with straight clippers or scissors, not curved. The best way to do this is to put your foot soaking in hot water to soften the nails. Afterwards, cut them straight. If the side edges are rounded, they can grow downward and penetrate the skin. Do not cut them too short.

Ingrown toenails are nothing to be taken lightly. If left untreated they can cause serious problems. For more information, contact Children’s Health Center of Columbus Inc. Today.

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