Preventative Measures Keep Pets Healthy

Every pet owner is aware that pets are rarely “just pets”, but so often become a valued and loved member of the family. As with the human members of the family, pet owners want their pets to enjoy good health and receive knowledgeable and professional care when needed. An established facility with a good reputation, such as Dupont Veterinary Clinic in Indiana, is essential in the maintenance of a cat, dog, or small animal. Not paying attention to routine maintenance can spell trouble for a beloved pet.

First, most states require that all cats and dogs be vaccinated for rabies. That is the law and it must be adhered to in order to protect both the pets and the public health. But apart from legal requirements with regard to preventative care, there are a number of other considerations to keep in mind for the well-being of a canine or feline family member. Heartworm, normally a threat to dogs but which can also occur in cats and ferrets, is a serious parasitic infection that can lead to death by heart congestion and failure. Fortunately, heartworm can be tested for and prevented with treatments that are available at your local Animal hospital in Fort Wayne.

A primary concern for feline friends is feline leukemia. It is wise to have a cat tested for this condition and vaccinated against it, as it can spread to other cats in a household and can lead to the early death of the animal. Outdoor cats are especially at risk, as they come in contact with other cats who may carry the disease.

Fleas and ticks always present a problem for pets and their owners as well. Just walking a dog can result in the animal picking up ticks carrying diseases which can also be harmful to humans, A flea infestation is distressing for a pet and can infest an entire household which, of course, is distressing to humans! Luckily there are preventative treatments for both these pests that can be obtained at a reputable Animal hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana where instruction on use can also be provided.

With so many potential risks to the health of pets, it is certainly wise to have a reliable and proficient veterinary office at the ready. In addition, a relationship with a good veterinarian provides help in emergency situations and is there to perform annual check-ups for these beloved family members.

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