Plumbing Repair in Saginaw, TX for a Washing Machine Leaving Water on the Floor

When an appliance appears to be leaking water, the owner may wonder whether it’s better to call an appliance repair technician or a plumber. A little investigation may help with this decision. If the leak is definitely from the appliance and not from the plumbing, either option is suitable. If the leak is actually coming from a pipe connected to the appliance, then professional Plumbing Repair in Saginaw TX is necessary.

Possible Sources

A washing machine, for instance, could leak from a variety of places. The owner only sees that water is on the floor after it runs. The drain hose behind the appliance could have cracked or the pump could be leaking and need replacement. In contrast, that water on the floor may be coming from faucets behind the washing machine that supply its water.

A Clogged Sink

If the machine’s draining water flows into a sink, it’s possible that the sink is clogged enough to cause water to back up and spill onto the floor. By the time the person comes home, the rest of the water has slowly drained away. A contractor providing Plumbing Repair in Saginaw TX can get the system working properly again.

Laundry sink clogs can be prevented in the future with a strainer in the drain or a lint trap attached to the drain hose. These devices can be purchased from a variety of stores, and they are very low in price.

Sewer Backups

Another distinct sign of a plumbing problem is when the washing machine’s water backs up somewhere else in the home. That’s a sewer line issue, indicating a significant clog somewhere in the pipe. Households are lucky when the backup occurs this way as, otherwise, the episode involves a sewer backup into the home.

The water could come up from a floor drain or another low point like a bathtub. Often, a small amount flows up a time or two before the big deluge occurs. The household residents see a small amount of water around the floor drain but are mystified as to how this happened. Anyone who needs assistance with these kinds of problems may browse the website for more details.

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