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by | Jul 10, 2015 | Playground

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Remember the good old days of proudly displaying your cast or stitches a result of being flung off the merry-go-round or leaping off the swing at the peak of the swing’s arc? Play structures sat on a blacktop, concrete or compacted dirt surface. Everything was metal -; metal or wooden seats that chipped many a tooth, metal chains with S-loops that tore clothes, metal slides that would get oh so hot and see-saws that were much taller and your fellow see-sawer would invariably exit while you were in the air.

Today’s playgrounds are safer with recycled rubber mulch or playground-quality sand, slides are made of molded plastic with lower heights and less sloped and swing set seats are made of rubber or similar material. Play Structures in Atlanta are built from either pressure-treated pine, poly-wood, recycled plastic, and hybrid. These play structures will last generations, providing hours of joy, happiness, and exercise to children everywhere. There are even sensory interactive playground elements that educate and entertain at the same time.

If you cannot find exactly what you want or need in one of the existing kits, no worries, they will custom build one for you. Even so existing kits can be modified by adding or eliminating pieces of equipment. The play sets are heavy-duty and are anchored for safety using 2X4 stakes, and are made so that moving locations is not a burden.

All basic Play Structures in Atlanta are created with future expansion in mind. If your child is too young for certain elements of the structure you can either add them on later or they will provide temporary barricades at no additional fee. The lowest cost residential play structure comes with monkey bars and two belt swings, a 3′-3′ fort with a roof, and an 8′ wave slide. Any of the features can be upgraded or switched out. At the opposite end of the spectrum is a behemoth of play structures. Complete with two 6′ by 6′ forts with a 6′ by 8′ deck in between, one of the forts has a trap door, 14′ scoop slide, 9′ high rock wall, 12′ monkey bars, climbing ramp, telescope, belt swings, trapeze, Fireman’s pole and a tire swing. Safety is always the highest priority and this set includes safety handles at all entry points.

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