Packing Tips For Portable Storage In NYC

If you are moving your home or office, consider portable storage in NYC. Portable storage is a good option for your home or business needs. They are a convenient moving and relocating solution whether you are planning for a self-move or want professionals to move your equipment.

If you are planning for a self-move, packing is a very important factor to take into account to ensure that your items reach the destination without any damages. Below are few packing tips to make your safe and sound for travel.

 General Packing Tips For Portable Storage In NYC

Make sure that you have required packing supplies available, like, boxes, bubble wraps, furniture pads, mattress bag, packing tarps, tape dispenser, work gloves, small tool kit, scissors and wrapping papers or news papers.

While packing items in the boxes, ensure that the items fit snugly and are close to each other thus minimizing the room to move around. Plan for packing well in advance and start with one room at a time. For heavier items, use small boxes so that the weight of the boxes is manageable. Reinforce the bottom of the boxes with tape and add fillers like paper or soft cloth between the items in the box. Pack softer items, like, linens and pillows in bags and use them as cushions between different boxes in your portable storage.

Furniture And Electronics Packing Tips For Portable Storage In NYC

Furniture should be wrapped in bubble wraps and then secured with tape on top. It is ideal if the furniture can be disassembled so that there are no legs sticking out to lessen the amount of space in your portable storage in NYC. Remove the dresser drawers and pack it separately. You could also secure the drawers with tape to ensure that it doesn’t open up during moving. This eliminates the need to re-pack the drawer contents. For fine wooden furnishings, coat them with wax for protection against scratches and nicks.

If possible, use original boxes for electronic items. Follow manufacturer’s instructions, you can get these online. Make sure to pack the cables and accessories separately in a bag and label it appropriately so that it is easier for re-assembly.

Packing Tips For Major Appliances And Breakables For Portable Storage In NYC

Breakables should be packed with bubble wrap and secured with tape. Use newspaper and soft cloth to fill the extra space between items. The items should fit snugly to minimize movement in the boxes. Bulbs and lamp shades should be packed in sturdy cartons. Each should be wrapped in the bubble wrap individually.

Make sure that hoses from washing machine are disconnected and stored inside the machine. Electrical cords should be taped to each appliance. For packing lawn mowers or other equipments that use gasoline and oil, drain all gasoline and oil before placing them into any portable storage in NYC.

Portable storage NYC makes your moving and relocation easy and convenient. Talk to Mods in Long Island for the portable storage container that is right for you. For more information visit our website.

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