Outsourcing To Injection Molding Services

Plastics are no longer a material that is used only for specific types of parts and components. Different options in polymers, elastomers, and thermoplastics can stand up or exceed the life cycle of alloys and other types of materials that were traditionally exclusively used in medical devices, precision parts, and components and even in the aerospace and military and defense industries.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), having the ability to outsource the production of these molded parts begins with finding the best company to provide injection molding services. As this is often a continual working relationship between the companies, finding a quality, dependable and cost-effective molding company is a benefit to any OEM.

Industry Expertise

Regardless of the size of the order or the industry of the OEM, it is important to partner with a company offering injection molding services with experience. This includes both experience in the industry of the OEM as well as experience in the injection molding process.

Experience in both of these areas assures the OEM of the quality of components that will be produced. It will also help to ensure that design and development support, as well as quality control, will be available.

Obtaining Quotes

While obtaining quotes from injection molding services, consider what the costs would be to complete the work in-house. This includes not only the equipment and process development but also the hiring of experienced technicians and equipment operators to get the job done.

Comparing the costs of in-house services as well as the steep learning curve for injection molding processes required, outsourcing to a trusted supplier will be the most cost-effective option to consider.

Obtaining quotes from several injection molding companies should also include comparing industry experience, value-added services and also in comparing the turnaround the injection molding company requires to process the order.

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