Outdoor Fireplaces in Long Island, NY are the Focal Point for Outdoor Entertaining

Long Island residents love to entertain, especially during gorgeous summer weather. A beautiful patio greatly expands the area where guests can mingle. Brick or slate walkways can allow visitors to wander and enjoy flowering gardens and graceful trees. Pool areas add to the enjoyment of the outdoor landscape. An outdoor fireplace adds the finishing touch, providing an inviting place for guests and family to sit and enjoy each other’s companionship.

Almost all well-done landscaping projects combine masonry and plantings. A well-thought-out design needs to incorporate what the customer expects and desires. A small yard, particularly, needs to have all available space effectively utilized. Curving walkways, combined with strategic trees and shrubs, can expand space by drawing the eye outward, making any size yard appear larger. A sound of falling water can add a beautiful background note, while the waterfall itself can either be boldly prominent or a surprise waiting to be discovered.

Retaining walls, while providing a necessary function, often serve as extra seating. Built-in grills become the gathering place and can be constructed from many materials, including natural stone and brick. An outdoor wet bar is a great complement to the pool. Another possibility would be to construct a firepit. This is especially useful when the weather becomes cooler, extending the period when guests will enjoy the yard.

The appeal of the front of the home can be maximized with veneers. Either stone or brick will not only add to the beauty and value of the home, but also increase energy efficiency. The veneers function as an extra layer of insulation, helping to reduce both heating and cooling costs.

Libardi Island Landscaping has been specializing in masonry and landscape design in Nassau and Suffolk Counties since 1996. Located in Melville, New York, they pride themselves on the high quality of their craftsmanship. They specialize in both indoor and outdoor Fireplaces in Long Island, NY. Whether the job is large or small, they strive to do the job on time and on budget, every time. Anyone considering any masonry or landscaping project should go to their website and take a look at projects that they have completed.

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