Orthodontists In Appleton WI Can Get You Smiling Again

Have you been living with gaps between some of your teeth? Do you have teeth that have grown in crooked? Are you avoiding smiling because of these or other problems with your teeth? What you need is to talk to your dentist, if you have one. If you don’t have a dentist, then you should start looking for one. If the dentist you find has an orthodontist in the practice, they could advise you on how to go about getting your teeth fixed so that you can start learning to smile again.

The Orthodontists in Appleton WI come in two varieties. The first type are those that specialize in working with younger patients, usually between 14 and 20. These are the Orthodontists that prescribe the usually seen wire braces. Those braces can be worn for up to 18 months to get their job done.

Wearing wire braces are as embarrassing for an adult as the crooked teeth and this is why many adults avoid going to the same orthodontist that younger patients go to. Fortunately, there are Orthodontists that specialize in treating older patients. For these patients it is often recommended that they use the invisalign braces instead of the more traditional wire braces. The invisalign braces are clear and custom made to be worn at all times except when eating and brushing when they are removed.

If you have been ignoring your teeth for years and have missing teeth or have cavities that run so deep that your dentist recommends that the teeth be completely removed, you can talk about getting Dentures Appleton WI. By having the teeth with major problems removed, you will get fewer earaches and headaches. The dentist will make a mold of your gum’s exact shape once you have healed from the teeth removal and dentures will be custom made to fit perfectly in your mouth. When the new dentures arrive, the dentist will check to ensure they fit properly and give you advice on the proper care for them.

When you start wearing your new dentures, you will have a smile that you can be proud of and will no longer have to try to hide your smile. Not only will you feel better at work, you will be much more successful in social situations. Call your dentist today and see if you are a candidate for dentures.

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