Opticians in Chicago Keep Their Patients Focused on What Is Important: Their Vision

One of the exams that is offered by vision centers is a glaucoma test. The test for glaucoma is done to measure the pressure inside a patient’s eyes. One of the common tests of this kind uses a puff of air. Otherwise referred to as non-contact tonometry (NCT), the exam requires placing your chin on the chin rest of the machine.

Measuring Intraocular Pressure in the Eye

While you gaze at the light emitted from the machine, the doctor or technician will release a small puff of air into the eye. The procedure does not cause any discomfort. The machine measures the eye’s resistance to the small puff of air. Therefore, opticians in Chicago who use this eye test measure the intraocular pressure, or IOP. Anyone whose IOP is high is at risk for contracting glaucoma.

Another glaucoma test used by opticians uses an instrument known as an applanation tonometer. The most frequently used version is affixed to a slit lamp. During this test, the doctor places yellow eye drops in the eye in order to numb them. When the drops are applied, the eyes feel a bit heavy. Each drop contains a numbing agent that is mixed with a yellow dye. The dye, in turn, glows when a blue light is directed to the eye. The IOP is measured by the tonometer as the patient stares into the slit lamp.

The Importance of an Early Diagnosis

Like the other glaucoma test, the NCT, this type of glaucoma test does not cause any pain, and the test takes mere seconds to perform. Because opticians do not usually diagnose glaucoma until a patient has experienced significant vision loss, the aforementioned glaucoma tests can prevent further vision difficulties.

Who to Contact

To find out more about glaucoma and vision testing, contact Tropical Optical Corp. Make sure you do everything possible to protect your eyes and reduce the vision problems that are connected with glaucoma.

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