On Offering 401k Retirement Plans: Why It’s a Good Idea

Employee attrition is a huge problem. With more and more talents opting to work flexible hours by going in a freelance capacity, companies have a tougher job getting people to stay. One way to keep the best people on your team from jumping ship is to start offering a 401k retirement plan. Here’s why it’s such a good idea.

Retain valuable employees
A company is only as good as the people behind it. If you believe that a strong, capable and competent team makes a difference in your bottom line and ROI, then you’ll want to make sure you retain your core employees. With more and more people giving in to the lure of freelancing, being their own boss and setting their own hours, companies are having a tougher time keeping people happy, satisfied and content at work. By offering stability through retirement plans, though, you can afford to keep people who make important contributions to the growth and success of your business.

Attract the right hires
If you hire for positions that require specialized skills, then you’re going to want to attract the right people to those positions. However, with more and more employees asking for flexibility in their work hours, you may find yourself fishing in a very small talent pool. By offering a 401k retirement plan, you can offer more to attract the right talents to your company. Workers that want long-term stability in their lives will give your job opportunities the consideration and attention it needs. If you want to get the right people to your door, then sweeten the pot. Start offering retirement plans to get widen your talent pool.

Reduce your tax bill
You get to enjoy a few tax benefits when you offer a retirement plan to your employees, with employer contributions to the plans being tax-deductible, says the CNBC. Know more about this by talking to a retirement planner or administrator.

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