Older Couples can Rely on Moving Companies in Naples to Help Them

by | Jan 5, 2015 | moving

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It is both exciting and stressful to move to a new home. For older people, it can be bittersweet. They are often leaving the home where they raised their children. It can also be more difficult because they don’t have the strength and stamina to do much of the moving. Their children and grandchildren may live too far away to be of any help. The easiest solution is to hire one of the Moving Companies Naples.

An experienced project manager will visit the home far in advance of the move. He’ll walk through the house with the homeowners and estimate how long it will take to pack the items. Even though professional packers will do the lifting and packing, the homeowners can stay involved. They are the ones who will be deciding where everything goes in the new home. If it’s time for the homeowners to throw things out, they can bring in a dumpster. Having a place to toss items, makes it easier to clean out unwanted items.

It may become obvious that they still have too many things to fit in their new home, which is much smaller. However, the homeowners aren’t ready to sell them or throw them out. Employees at Moving Companies Naples understand this. They can easily drop off items at a convenient self-storage facility. They can also help the homeowner setup temporary shelves and racks to organize the boxes.

When the day of the move arrives, a clean van will arrive to bring the items to the self-storage facility or to the new home. The project manager will ensure that items are staged correctly so that they end up in the proper location. He will also conduct a final inspection with the homeowners to make sure that nothing is left behind. When the van arrives at the new home, the movers will set up all of the furniture. They will unpack each box and put the items in the correct closet, drawer or cabinet. Within a few days, the house will be set up. A Smooth Move Moving & Storage is one of the Naples moving companies. They will be happy to speak with homeowners about their moving services.

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