Of All the Boat Transport Trailers for Sale, Which is Right for Your Site?

by | Apr 22, 2015 | Boat Trailer Dealer

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When comparing available options with respect to boat transport trailers for sale, prospective buyers often focus on functionality and affordability without considering the influence their decision could have on future financial goals. Of course, it is important to choose a transport trailer that is well suited for the intended application, but making the best choice involves addressing operational inefficiencies and storage space limitations as well.

Your Boat Transport System Can Influence Business Profitability!
Boat manufacturers, dealers and restorers have a well-founded interest in their ability to move and transport boats safely and efficiently. Nothing can “eat the profits” like damaging a newly completed vessel or experiencing delivery delays due to transport equipment that is poorly suited for the job or is simply too difficult to operate in a cost effective manner.

Similarly, boatyard and marina owners must be responsive to their boat owners’ needs, delivering competent care with each move—across the yard or across the country. Ensuring that boats are accessible to their owners in a timely manner and being able to handle tenant demands during peak periods are keys to customer satisfaction—which in turn, drives business and revenue growth.

A general review of the types of boat transport trailers for sale and their adaptability to the demands of your site could contribute to a decision that, over time, puts extra dollars in your pocket:

Bunk Trailers
Bunk trailers were once used for moving only small boats. However, today it is not unusual to see 30’ boats traveling the highway on a bunk trailer. Some of the advantages of this option are:

 * Least expensive to purchase
 * Simplified maintenance and lower repair costs due to fewer parts
 * “Drive on” capability

Roller Trailers
Although roller trailers are more expensive than bunk trailers and usually do not afford owners the “drive on” option, distinct advantages include:

 * Flexibility with respect to water depth—launch and retrieval possible at all tide stages
 * Running gear not usually submerged, minimizing exposure to corrosive salt water
 * Multi-point distribution of boat weight, minimizing friction points that can damage paint

Hydraulic Trailers
Prospective buyers investigating the full spectrum of boat transport trailers for sale will immediately recognize that hydraulic trailers accommodate an extensive array of boat types and sizes, simplify loading and launching procedures and exhibit superior maneuverability. They may also note an increase in cost, but additional advantages tipping the scale in favor of hydraulic trailers are compelling:

 * Increased maneuverability translates into additional (revenue generating) storage space.
 * Improved range of adjustment and support provides greater stability and security for the boat as well as more efficiency for the transport effort, both of which enhance client satisfaction.
 * Simplification of loading and launching procedures minimizes labor costs, which directly increases your operation’s profitability.

For more information about how a hydraulic boat transport trailer can easily pay for itself in time, labor and storage space savings, please visit hostarmarine.com. HOSTAR Marine specializes in building hydraulic boat trailers for a wide range of boat types and sizes and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your boat transport equipment needs.

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