Now is a Good Time to Consider Truck Driving School in Wisconsin

Are you having a problem finding work in Wisconsin? In some cities unemployment rates are high, and it’s difficult to find a good job. However, there’s one industry that is experiencing a shortage of qualified applicants, and it’s called the freight or trucking business. If you think you’d like to try driving a truck, it’s as easy as attending truck driving school and getting your CDL license. Here are some good reasons to come to trucking.

You Don’t Need a College Degree

So many companies today want applicants with Master’s degrees, and this doesn’t guarantee you a good job. Although college graduates earn more on average than many high school graduates, this doesn’t include the freight industry. Today, many drivers are making more than college graduates, and they’re enjoying their jobs. In fact, you only need a high school education or equivalency to enroll in a good truck driving school in Wisconsin.

Simple Requirements

It’s not hard to qualify for the training you need. Here are some of the qualifications:

  • Age – 21
  • Wisconsin driver’s license
  • Must pass physical
  • Learner’s permit
  • Pass drug test
  • Good driving record
  • Meet DOT requirements

Pay and Benefits

Most truck drivers earn good wages, and some drivers are making in excess of $60,000 a year. After truck driving school, you’ll earn vacation pay and extra pay for holidays. The top freight companies provide company paid life insurance and medical insurance. You also may earn bonuses for safe driving.

You Don’t Have to Drive Alone

Do you have a canine or feline family member that you don’t want to leave alone? You can take them with you when you sign on with a company offering pet policies. It all starts with signing up for truck driving school in Wisconsin.

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