New to Engine Oil Change? 4 Helpful Questions to Guide You Along

If you’re new to driving and know next to nothing about cars except that they take you where you want to go, then here are a few basic things you’ll need to know about car maintenance measures, on top of which is changing your engine oil:

How often do I need to change it?

The official recommendation is to get this done every 3,000 miles. If you don’t drive that often, wait until the sixth month to get an oil change Copperas Cove TX.

What if I drive a new car?

If you’re driving a new car, then all its parts and systems are still in tip-top shape. That means you won’t have to worry about getting an oil change when you hit 3,000. Instead, do it when you hit 5,000 miles. That’s an option and one could prove much more cost-effective since it means less oil changes and costs. However, this will only work for new cars. If yours has been around the block for years, then you’ll likely need to go for more oil changes.

What other factors do I need to consider?

Oil change frequency also depends on a number of other factors. Your driving environment and conditions is one. If you only drive your car every Sunday to church and only ever take paved streets, then you probably don’t need to get as many oil changes compared to someone who drives to and from work every day.

Does wear and tear matter?

Dirt and impurities can easily get into your engine oil if your parts aren’t performing right. That’s how wear and tear can affect the frequency of your oil changes. You’ll need to go for an oil change at Sims Automotive Repair facility as soon as possible to get that fixed.

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