Negotiation Strategies When Buying Denver Real Estate

After spending hours looking at Denver real estate, chances are that you have found at least one or two places that you really like. Now that you have found the place of your dreams, you must make an offer.

Even with a real estate agent this is overwhelming. Nobody wants to put in an offer only to have it rejected. Although rejected offers are part of the home buying process, there are some things that you can do to help avoid them.

Escalatory Clause Addendum

If you or your agent have a gut feeling that the home will receive multiple offers, all is not lost. One thing that your agent can do is add an Escalatory Clause Addendum. This allows you as a buyer to make an offer you are comfortable with but will enable you to promise to beat other offers by a specific amount. It also includes a limit on how high of a purchase price you are willing to go.

Find out the Seller’s Needs

Many times, buyers only think about themselves when making an offer on Denver real estate. They don’t stop and consider what the seller might need. A great way to help get an offer accepted is to have your agent reach out to the seller or their agent to find out if they have any particular needs. A good example of this is whether the seller requires more time to move or if they want to close as quickly as possible.

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