Need Your Sewer Line Repaired? How to Know It is Time to Call a Professional

Homeowners dread to hear the words sewer line repair in Burlingame, CA. Especially when the line that needs to be repaired runs from the street to their home. While the sewer company is responsible for public sewer lines, the pipeline that runs between your home and the street is your responsibility to take care of. When a line has been damaged, they can be expensive to have repaired. Fortunately, with the help of a professional plumber, you can reduce the amount the repairs will cost by calling them in from the beginning. Often issues with a sewage line are caused by pipes that are clogged, tree roots growing into the pipes, and simply age wears them down. When you know the signs of your plumbing starting to fail, you can save yourself a lot of stress and money by knowing to call in an expert immediately.

Six Signs Sewer Lines Need to be Repaired

1. There is an odd smell or sound coming from your sewer lines.
2. The level of water in your toilet bowl begins to change.
3. You may require sewer line repair in Burlingame, CA area when you notice that the sinks, shows, and tubs in your home begin to drain slowly.
4. Cracks around the foundation of your home are a sign of a plumbing issue.
5. A faulty sewer line will begin to attract pests such as rats, insects, and mice.
6. You notice water ring stains around the drains in your basement.

A Professional Can Quickly Repair Your Lines for You

While it might be tempting to make the repairs yourself, you can be creating a bigger problem than you already have. Skilled contractors at County Consumer Plumbing Service and Repair Group will know exactly where to begin digging to help reduce the amount of damage to your yard while working on your sewage lines. Their qualified technicians will work together to efficiently and quickly repair your plumbing problem then you could possibly do.

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