Need Wisdom Teeth Extracted? Call the Oral Surgeon in Summit, NJ

There are many reasons a family dentist refers his patients to an Oral Surgeon in Summit, NJ. Proper placement of dental implants, extractions of wisdom teeth, patients who suffer from sleep apnea, TMJ disorders and Orthognathic surgeries are just a few of the reasons. A family dentist is very wise to refer his patients to Westfield Oral Surgery. Their dentists offer a plethora of treatments and procedures for patients. They have an entire staff of associates providing oral surgery services that helps each patient look and feel better.

Some people suffer from a facial imbalance meaning the face is not asymmetrical. These patients can suffer for a long time with a bite that is not even, causing chewing difficulties and a feeling that they are not attractive. An oral surgeon can correct this trauma giving the patient a new confidence and happiness. The patient will have to enter the hospital, be fully sedated while the upper or lower jaw is repositioned. This type of surgery, when fully healed, will result in the patient being able to chew and swallow safely.

Impacted wisdom teeth can also wreck havoc on a person who, otherwise, has a healthy set of teeth. Even though the patient may have always gone to the dentist for preventative care, painful and impacted wisdom teeth must be extracted. Visiting the Oral Surgeon in Summit, NJ who will remove the teeth, will help to eliminate the pain very quickly. The dentist will discuss which anesthetic he’ll be using and explain all the details, risks and other options involved with the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth.

Dental implants are fast becoming the modern way to fill the gaps left by the extraction of teeth, or teeth that were lost due to sports accidents or other accidents. They are also becoming a better way for denture wearers to attach the dentures to the dental implants allowing them to chew more effectively. Implants are a blessing to these patients. Personal consultation is required for each procedure the oral surgeon performs. The dentist knows that by talking to each patient, he will be able to understand if he/she is a candidate for various procedures. Some patients can not take a high level of pain and have a horrible fear of any dentist, which will also be addressed.

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