Need to Replace Your Windows?

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Business

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Are you in the market for replacement windows? If your house is over fifteen years old it is likely that your windows are starting to show serious signs of needing replacement. Even if your house is a newer construction, shoddy materials or poor, hasty installation may pose concerns for the structural integrity of your home. How do you determine whether what you suspect may actually be true? There are several signs that you should check for.

First, decide how many panes of glass that your windows hold. If you have single-pane glass windows, you have the least energy efficient windows and are likely losing hundreds of dollars’ worth of money on heating and cooling bills. Happily there are double-paned or even triple paned vinyl replacement windows on the market today which can seal your house effectively, block out noise, and effectively preserve the life of your HVAC unit.

Second, examine your windows and look for condensation. On double pane windows, condensation between the glass is an indicator of poor installation, a failed seal, or issues with the glass itself. This is also a sign that the windows in your home are likely letting in other things besides moisture which may damage your home or make it more costly to run at the very least.

Third, with a friend or family member, shine a flashlight around the perimeter of your windows. If light is shining through any cracks or spaces or even holes, then it is certainly a sign that you should replace your windows with something new and structurally sound. Again, if moisture can get in and if light can get in, air and other things can get in as well.

If your windows are difficult to open and close, it is a sign that they should be replaced. A window that does not easily open is a safety hazard. This issue is often seen with wood windows, and metal windows which swell and buckle over time when exposed to the elements.

With their amazing emergency efficiency, vinyl replacement windows will certainly deliver you the best overall bang for your buck. The windows on many older homes are installed with wood, which is susceptible to weather, subsequent rotting, and other issues. Vinyl windows, much unlike wood windows, never require painting and never rot, or, in the case of metal framed windows, bend, buckle, or rust. While aluminum windows pit over time or flake, vinyl remains constant.

Concerned about your heating and cooling bills? Think your old windows may be to blame? Call Ringer Windows today at 512-989-7000 or visit our website at for a free quote on quality vinyl replacement windows.

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