Narrow Down the Best Gyms in Manhattan

When you start looking for a place to work out, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices. However, when you take a closer look, you’ll quickly see that some gyms are definitely more suited for you than others. Here are some ways to determine which might be the best gyms in Manhattan for you.

Schedule – Choose a gym with operating hours that suit your schedule. If you like to get in a workout before work, you’ll need a gym that’s open early. If you’re a night owl, choose one that’s open late. Remember that many gyms are open 24 hours, too, to accommodate any schedule.

Location – Choose a gym near your home. This way, it will be convenient to workout both during the work week and on the weekends. If a gym is inconvenient, you’ll be much more likely to skip your workouts.

Friends – Find out where your friends work out. Being able to meet friends at the gym makes going so much more fun, and provides some accountability, as well.

Budget – Narrow down gyms by price, too. You’ll likely find that prices vary widely, often by the number and type of programs offered. Don’t pay for programs you won’t use, but choose a gym that offers plenty of variety you will enjoy.

Programs – If you’re interested in pursuing a particular fitness program, like Pilates, yoga or CrossFit, be sure any gym you consider offers these. It’s nice to choose a gym that offers you plenty of choices so that you never get bored.

There are lots of great gyms in New York. Using these tips should help you narrow the choices down so that you kind find the best gym in Manhattan for your workout style, your location, and your budget.

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