Munson’s 34 Foot Patrol Landing Craft is Quick, Light, and Impressively Diversified

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Boat Manufacturers

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There is a world of difference between the coastline expanse of the Hawaiian shores and the channels and inlets of Richmond, Virginia. The William E. Munson Company at is established enough, smart enough, and innovative enough to develop a different Landing Craft for each of these very different regions. What boat do they use to get the job done? The 24-30 Patrol Landing Craft is perfectly designed with search and recovery in mind. The below is a more detailed look at this size craft, and how it makes the patrol officers of Richmond, VA powerful protectors.

Quick Specs

The fuel tank is rather small. It holds 75 gallons, but that is perfectly acceptable. For one, Richmond patrol officers rarely go far from a station. It is a very different environmental region compared to coastal cities. The ship is lightweight, which allows it to reach speeds in the high 40s. The most popular version of this particular boat impresses with a 24-foot build. The hull is built mono, which helps keep it more lightweight than other landing crafts from Munson Boats. A CatamaranHull style is not as light, but it still manages to have an impeccable balance between its two hull design.


The boat’s lightweight size makes it wonderful for navigating small channels and handling rougher seas. It is a flexible craft. It is commonly used in Richmond for swift water rescues, as well as evidence recovery. The boat itself has a rather small frame. The convenient outfitting walkway that spans the bulk of the boat also makes it accessible while onboard. Grabbing vital evidence is a breeze. The navigational ability of the Landing Craft is significant.


The boat is fitted with a night vision camera, side scan sonar, and a highly advanced GPS. The small channels of Richmond can get even experienced boaters lost, so it becomes an imperative addition. A dive ladder and set of dive bottle racks makes the craft a loaded master of nearly every area of protection, research, and rescue.

Patrol officers in Richmond need a boat that can maneuver small channels, expose hidden threats, and place the patrol team in the best possible position to discover evidence and protect the people of the city. You can also visit them on YouTube for more information.

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