Move Yourself or Hire a Mover? Fort Myers Residents Weigh In

by | Oct 11, 2013 | moving

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Many times when someone is preparing to move, they go back and forth on the question of whether to hire a Mover Fort Myers residents weigh in with some helpful advice on this question. There are valid reasons for both choices. However, you must consider what is most important to you. Moving on your own is a big job. Unlike professional movers, you do likely do not pack up your house and move to another one very often.

When it comes to hiring a Mover Fort Myers residents generally agree that letting someone else handle the job is easier. If you try to move yourself, you will probably need some help. This means asking friends or family to show up at the designated time. You always run the risk of something coming up and help not arriving. Or if help does arrive, they are probably no more knowledgeable than you are when it comes to moving.

A professional is trained in how to lift items safely. Therefore, there is less risk of injury. They also know how to carry items for less chance of breakage or damage. A professional mover will know how to pack the truck to maximize the available space. A mover will be able to fit a lot more into the truck than you will. It is their job to be efficient with their time. They do not want to make multiple trips. A mover is able to utilize the space in the truck to hold as much as possible.

A mover also knows to minimize the risk of damage. They know where in the truck to put things that are fragile, they also have materials that offer additional protection. If damage does occur, the company’s insurance will cover the damage if it is the fault of the movers. If you move yourself and something breaks or gets damaged, the cost of repair or replacement it on you. Finally, moving can and often is stressful. It is wise to eliminate as much stress as possible. Hiring a mover to safely transport your belongings is one way that you can do this.

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