Move Along! No Lopsided Swing Sets to See Here! Just Level Ground!

Swing sets are such fun for kids. Parents wanting to encourage outdoor play will put a swing set in the backyard. However, if you are not doing a good job of leveling the ground under the swing set, it will sink and become lopsided. You’re probably wondering, “How do I keep my swing set from sinking? What is the best thing to put under a swing set?” That is a fair question with some very good answers.

Do You Have to Level Ground for a Playset?

Do you have to level ground for a playset or swing set? Yes, absolutely you do! The ground is soft and these outdoor entertainment centers are heavy. Every time the soil becomes soft from rain, the swing set or playset will sink into the ground a little more.

How Do I Keep My Swing Set From Sinking?

Well, first things first. You have to level the ground. “How do I level the ground?” you ask. A good method is to have a landscaper use a Bobcat mini-front loader to push dirt into a nice flat and level sort of area. How do you level ground? You can also add more dirt to get a more level area, but you should do this before you build the swing set.

How Do You Level a Swing Set on a Lawn?

How do you level a swing set on a lawn? What is the best thing to put under a swing set? If your swing set is already up and situated on the lawn, you will need to pull up the legs to put support or stabilization stakes underneath. Yes, but how do you level ground that is really soft? Concrete is your best option there. For more ideas visit LevelDry at their website.