Metal Wall Art Options for Home and Business Style

Indoor and outdoor artwork and signage should stand the test of time, add a unique interest to the surroundings, and express your personality or sense of style. Metal wall art in Parker, Colorado fulfills all these needs perfectly.

Why Choose Metal Artwork?

Most artwork is chosen by the person who will display it because they simply like the way it looks. There is no doubt that metal wall art in Parker, Colorado can be beautiful, funky, expressive, whimsical, elegant, or devout depending on the subject matter. With everything from heart-shaped silhouettes to express a couple’s love to sports balls perfect for a kid’s room, everyone can find something they like in metal.

Steel artwork lasts a long time and will not tarnish like other metals, fade like prints or paintings, or get damaged easily like porcelain plates or ceramic figurines. For walls, nothing could be more eye-catching either. Shiny metal reflects light and draws attention at any angle. If you prefer a more subtle look, consider one of the more artistic finishing options.

Finish and Coating Options

Metal wall art in Parker, Colorado does not only come in base metal with high shine. Different treatments with heat create unique patterns or silver, browns, and blues. Pieces to be hung on the wall may be painted any color of the rainbow. Powder coating is the usual method of imparting color to steel signs and artwork, however. Some options include:

  • Hammer finishes in red, golden yellow, blue gloss, tractor green, and gray
  • Neutral primer finishes in white gloss, almond, designer beige, and zinc
  • Textured blacks and grays in fine texture, wrinkle, gloss, and pearl
  • Specialty finishes in copper, silver, and gold veins, high metallic, verdigris, and rust

Cassteen Ironworks in Parker, Colorado is a family owned and operated business that specializes in unique metal artwork and signs. They specialize in long-lasting steel designs that cater to every interest and taste. Other options include custom powder coating and sandblasting and secure window well grates to keep people and pets safe.

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