MDU Capacity in Shredding Will Suit Business Needs.

A Mobile Destruction Unit or MDU capacity in shredding can meet the needs of even large businesses. These units can shred up to 8,000 pounds of paper per hour. Depending on which company is used, cross-cutting is the method used in the units. That type of shredding renders paper totally unreadable. It is the most secure way to shred documents. Using mobile units increases the security in the process because there is no travel time. It removes a step, so there is one less opportunity for the paper to be misplaced, lost, or stolen before it is destroyed.

It is also more convenient and cost-effective for customers. The mobile unit arrives at a business location, and the employee brings in a secure cart to collect the material. The material goes from locked bins throughout the business facility to the cart. A bar-code is scanned for each bin. After the material is completely collected, the cart is locked and taken to the unit to be destroyed. The cart is unlocked, and the material is lifted directly into the shredder. A video camera inside the unit allows the business owner to watch items being shredded. A shred certificate is printed out once the shredding process is finished. Invoices are generated at the end of the day and are Emailed to the business. It is secure, safe, and immediate. The owners have proof of the shredding, so they know client information is destroyed, and their liability risk is lowered.

MDU capacity in shredding means it all gets done at the same time. It allows for a routine schedule of a collection that saves money on services. Smaller businesses may need only one visit per month. Some will need collection more often, but customized scheduling saves time and money. Customers can go to website for detailed information regarding the process, how it works, and the many options for services. The paper is not the only shredding that is available. Electronic shredding of CD, DVD, hard drives, memory sticks, and flash drives is offered as well. Free consultations and estimates are available. There is no reason to risk liability when shredding services are simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

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