Martinez Veterinarian – How To Get Your Dog to the Vet

If you are visiting your Martinez veterinarian for the first time or have a dog that is particularly stubborn about a visit to the vet you may want to try some doggy pyschology to help calm your pet and your nerves. Choosing the right Martinez veterinarian is a large part of the process and if you have a dog that has been traumatized by a visit to a vet, then you need to pay special attention to choosing the right Martinez veterinarian this time around.

Animal Antics on the way to your Martinez veterinarian

The hardest part can often be getting your dog into the car for a visit to your new Martinez veterinarian. Past trauma can have your dog refusing to even get in the car, and no amount of tugging on the leash will help. If your dog is particularly resistant you may have to ask your Martinez veterinarian to come to visit your dog at home. This can be rather more expensive though. With a bit of coaching and a lot of love and care you can get your dog to your Martinez veterinarian with no trouble at all.

The first step is to associate a ride in the car with a good time. It could be a walk in the park, or even just some tasty doggy treats. Your Martinez veterinarian will always advise that you bring a nervous dog to the clinic a few times for a check-up appointment. This will reinforce the fact that a trip to the vet is not associated with pain for your dog. You need to reward your dogs positive behavior at all times during your visit to the vet. Praise your dog and offer treats for good behavior.

Visiting your Martinez veterinarian – Make it an outing

If you have a nervous dog, you need to leave enough time on your first few visits to your Martinez vet to make it a pleasant experience for your pet. Leave enough time for your dog to have a run around the premises and explore the venue, on a leash of course. Dogs are remarkably sensitive animals and often need time to fully explore and investigate their surrounding before they are truly comfortable. If it is your first visit to your Martinez veterinarian the way your dog responds is a good indication of the level of service that you can expect.

If you want your dog to behave while being examined by your Martinez veterinarian you need to make sure that get your dog ready for a visit quite a while before. Through tough and play you can show your dog that being examined is not a painful experience at all. Playful and gentle touching of your dog’s paws and ears as well as their stomach at home will help your dog relax and remain calm throughout their first examination from you Martinez veterinarian.

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