Managing the Logistics of a Move in Charlotte, NC

Executing a smooth and successful move requires more than just packing and unpacking boxes. It is about organization and careful handling of items as they are moved from the old home or office to their new location. It is about setting up and tearing down IT equipment, home theatres, and other appliances and electronics. It is about cleaning both before and after a move. For those shopping for a company to handle their relocation logistics, Charlotte, NC is home to experienced logistics providers, which can handle every step of one’s move.

Managing Your Move, Step-By-Step
Fortunately for those looking to relocate, some moving service companies are able to assist in managing your move every step of the way. From scheduling a delivery time to packing and unpacking assistance, to setup and installation, and removal of old units and furniture, relocation companies are now offering comprehensive moving packages that cover every aspect of a move. These services are available for residential, corporate, healthcare, and government relocations.

Asset Management
In addition to assistance for the actual move, some companies go above and beyond when it comes to keeping track of their customers’ assets. For customers for whom this is important, some companies offer services in:

  • Asset inventory
  • Asset security
  • Cataloging
  • Consolidation
  • Global storage and transportation
  • Installation Disposal
  • Inventory control
  • Project and inventory management
  • Storage
  • Tracking

These services can be especially helpful for corporate relocations or those moving long distance.

Warehousing and Distribution
Not all relocations allow people or businesses to move their belongings or assets from the old location to the new one right away. For those customers, some moving companies also offer packages to take care of storage logistics. Some moving services companies offer full-service warehousing and distribution logistics by taking care assembly, kitting, and inventory management through cataloging. A quality moving and storage service company will have climate-controlled storage and maintain 24-hour security to keep your valuable safe.

Choosing a moving service to take care of your move can be difficult, but Charlotte, NC residents would do well to choose one that is capable of handling the full scope of the logistics of their relocations.