Making Sure You Obtain The Right Waukesha Pump Parts

In an industry where reliability, versatility and durability count, Waukesha pumps have it all. They have a reputation in the sanitary process industry as a “Can-Do” piece of equipment. Yet, even the best can break down. When an inspection indicates replacement components are necessary, it is important you can locate and purchase the right Waukesha pump parts.

What You and your Parts Distributor Need To Know

When it comes time to order a part, you need to be certain your distributor – whether online or in a physical store has it. To ascertain this, you have to provide him or her with the right information. You start by checking the machine and/or its manual for two things:

1. Serial Number: Usually this is a 6 or 7 digit number. You can usually locate it on

a. the cover
b. the pump body
c. the gear case

If the numbers are not clear or are even partial, you might still be able to provide the distributor with sufficient information to make an educated guess. He or she can access the database and learn specifics

2. Model Number: Do you have a Universal 1 or Universal 2. Is it a Cherry-Burrell or a specific model such as 130-U2 or 320-U1?

These are the two major ways you can identify the model the part will fit. By knowing this, the distributor can match the model and meet the specific requirements for any Waukesha pump parts you request.


If you plan cannot find the serial number or it is eradicated or unclear for some reason and you are not certain about the model, you can try these other options:

 * Pictures: Take a picture. E-mail it in a file to us and we can perhaps figure out the model and serial number from this.
 * Visit the Distributor: If you remember whom you originally bought the pump from, simply contact them. They should have on record the essential information about model and serial. You can send a photo as well to clarify the product.
 * Contact the Company: If you find yourself unable to follow any of the above to a logical conclusion, consider contacting the source. Visit the company’s site, send them an e-mail with a photo, explaining the situation and wait for a reply. They might just have the information allowing you to get the right part for your pump.

The Right Waukesha Pump Parts

Waukesha pumps are reliable. They are tough and dependable. In a business where competition is tough, they have successfully carved out a solid reputation for quality. Yet, they do age and wear making repairs essential. In order to make sure you obtain the right Waukesha pump parts, take care to know as much about the pump, including model and serial number, as possible.

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