Make Informed Decisions about New Flat Roofing Systems

If you are ready for a new flat roof for your business, consider having a roofing system put in that uses modified bitumen. When applied, modified bitumen is normally layered in thickness of 5.0 to 3.5mm sheets that are three inches wide by thirty three inches long. Modified bitumen is normally applied via torch. The sheet on the bottom is liquefied then put over insulation or a base sheet of felt-paper. Some contractors that are bidding on jobs will state in a contract that there is a 15-year material being used concerning the roof installation. Once the job has been sold, the bitumen material that is supplied is only good for ten to twelve years. It rarely occurs to the client to make sure they are getting what they paid for.

Find Out If Your Roofing Contractor Is a Certified Installer

You have every right to inquire with a roofing contractor to make sure they are a manufacturer’s certified installer for the materials that are going to be used to install your flat roofing system. Once this question has been asked, you will learn more about the roofing contractors trying to vie for the job. If a roofing contractor is certified by the manufacturer, it means that they have had their work inspected by the manufacturer. In essence this means that manufacturer validates that this roofer understands how to work with their materials, and can perform detailed work in the manner specified by them. This is very important since materials that are not installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, are not covered by their warranty. Not only are you left with a roof that was not installed properly, you have no recourse either. It is very important to make sure you are hiring a manufacturer approved and certified roofing installer.

Make Sure You Are Informed about the Roofing Materials Being Used

In order to make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for concerning a new flat roof system, there are a few things you can do. First make sure you ask to see the receipt for materials once they have been delivered. Then find out who the supplier is for the materials and call them to inquire about the warranty provided. Also, make sure the brand name of the materials on the receipt match the brand that was quoted to you in a contract.

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