Machine Shop Services

Machining refers to not a single but many diverse technologies and processes. At its heart are actions undertaken to remove excess or undesired material from a workpiece, therefore shaping or reshaping it into the desired configuration. Machine shops services necessary to produce the desired component will vary according to the demand of the product, specifications and, of course, what the specific machine shop offers.

Common Services

Machine shops vary as to what they provide and/or make available to their clients. Smaller shops may only offer basic services. They may perform metal repair work. They may also focus on special orders. This can involve everything from the design of a prototype to customization of existing products.

Larger shops may be a one-stop machine shop. They have departments handling the various types of services their company provides:

  • Assembly
  • Design Consultation
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Lathe
  • Milling: Manual and CNC
  • Water Jet
  • Wire EDM

Yet, no matter how limited or comprehensive machine shop services a company provides, it is essential to do quality work. To accomplish this, a shop has to have excellent tools.

Tool Requirements

Technology has gone a long way towards improving shop equipment. Hand held tools do have a role, but shops have a greater reliance on automation and CNC/CAM equipment. These improve consistency in workpieces that require high tolerances. Technical innovations, although they may be initially costly, prove to be cost-effective. They improve productivity as well as quality. The overall effects from upgrading the tools in a workplace are both positive and long-term. Adding it may sharpen the shop’s competitive edge.

Machine Shop Services

Machine shops are diverse in what they offer. They differ in size and focus. While some machine shops services are restricted to metal repair, others are full-service providing everything from design to assembly. Yet, no matter what the size of focus, a machine shop is only as good as its tools and the employees that operate them.

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