Lumineers in Lafayette LA Offer People an Enhanced Aesthetic Value

Many people have dental defects that affect the appearance of one or more of their teeth. Some of these dental deficiencies include

1. discolored teeth
2. broken or chipped teeth
3. gaps that exist between teeth
4. uneven or misaligned teeth

To correct the appearance of teeth and to protect the surface of teeth from damage, many people get Lumineers in Lafayette LA. These veneers are very transparent and ultra-thin. These veneers replicate the natural appearance of a person’s tooth enamel. Due to it’s very slight thickness, tooth reduction is not necessary when applying these veneers.

Lumineers in Lafayetts LA can be applied in two visits. These veneers are part of a treatment plan to help dental patients improve their teeth’s aesthetic and intrinsic values. During a dental examination, dentist will consult with a patient to make sure these veneers are the appropriate course of treatment. If it’s decided that a patient wants to receive these veneers, the dentist will take & pictures of the patients teeth along with taking a mold of the teeth. This mold is a dental impression that replicates the hard teeth and soft tissues of a person’s mouth. This negative imprint will replicate part of a person’s oral cavity so veneers can be created for the teeth.

Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers don’t require extensive drilling or altering of a tooth’s surface. On a subsequent visit, these veneers will be bonded into place after a dentist makes sure they are a proper fit. Teeth may require slight etching to ensure the correct placement of the veneers. These veneers are bonded to teeth one at a time. This application of the veneers should take about an hour or so on the second visit.

Another aspect of getting veneers is determining the correct shade of white. For people with darker skin tones, having veneers that closely match the natural color of their teeth is advisable. People who have lighter skin tones can choose whiter veneers. It’s possible to layer different white to arrive at a color you desire.

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