Los Angeles Rehab Services Offer Effective Treatment For Substance Abuse

The goal of Los Angeles rehab services is to help individuals overcome their substance abuse addictions and be able to become productive and successful members of society once again. They seek to eliminate the use of the abused drugs, improve the health of the individual, help them to become employable and improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

How Effective are Los Angeles Rehab Services?

When looking at the effectiveness of rehab facilities there are a few factors that need to be considered. Since addiction is a lifelong process this cannot be measured by the rate of people graduating the drug treatment programs alone. There are other factors to consider such as how the patient functions once they leave the program, if they are able to become a productive member of society again and if they stay sober and clean for the long term. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that drug treatment is just as successful at helping people with addiction as treatments for high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes. Some of the data shows just how effective these treatments can be.

  • Rehab Services reduce drug use by 40%-60% overall
  • Lower rates of drug use leads to 40% less criminal activities
  • Drug treatment reduces the chances of someone contracting AIDS or HIV
  • Rehab clinics increase the employment rate by as much as 40%

These percentages will vary depending on the person who is seeking treatment and how dedicated they are to changing their lives and living clean and sober but the overall result of treatment is positive and effective.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is personalized to each individual. There is not a set amount of time that works for everyone. This is because everyone is a unique person and presents with their own set of challenges that needs to be overcome. Some people respond better to treatment plans than others do. So the time that it takes to be done with treatment will not be the same for everyone. Typically, a person needs to be in a program for at least 30 days to achieve any level of success. They can stay in rehab for up to 90 days. At that point each individual will be evaluated to determine what the best course of action is for them. This is not a one size fits all fix and will be tailored to each individual for the best results.

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